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Distortion/Metal/Doom | “Carpe Diem”

My love for heavier bluesy music can be heard in “Carpe Diem”.

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God Bless!

Dealing With Depression

Dealing With Depression

Depression and anxiety are things that I have dealt with my whole life. I know the physical and mental struggles that can come from it. You are not alone in the struggle against depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety is normal in situations involving trauma, death, sickness and other events. It becomes abnormal when you are no longer enjoying things you once
enjoyed, are having thoughts of doubt and hopelessness, are afraid to do things that you normally do, and the list goes on.
I want you all to know that I am here for you and have dealt with these same emotions and continue to. I will be praying for you and I want you to know that I am here for you. I hope you all have a blessed day God bless!

dealing with depression

Solitude by Black Sabbath Bass Cover

Solitude by Black Sabbath Bass Cover

solitude cover

Believe it or not I am a huge metal head! I absolutely love the heavy distorted bluesy sounds that come from a heavy metal song. One of my biggest influences by far is Black Sabbath! I love Solitude because it shows a more melancholy, softer side to the rockers. Talking about loss and sorrow is something that we all go through and this song highlights this in a way that doesn’t bring anger but rather healing. I hope you all enjoy this cover and let me know what other covers you’d like me to do!

God Bless!