Solitude by Black Sabbath

solitude liveSolitude by Black Sabbath cover by Holly Franklin

This is one of my favorite mellow Black Sabbath songs that relaxes me and puts me in a calm place. Music has a way of providing comfort any time of day or night.


Distortion/Metal/Doom | “Carpe Diem”

My love for heavier bluesy music can be heard in “Carpe Diem”.

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God Bless!

Solitude by Black Sabbath Bass Cover

Solitude by Black Sabbath Bass Cover

solitude cover

Believe it or not I am a huge metal head! I absolutely love the heavy distorted bluesy sounds that come from a heavy metal song. One of my biggest influences by far is Black Sabbath! I love Solitude because it shows a more melancholy, softer side to the rockers. Talking about loss and sorrow is something that we all go through and this song highlights this in a way that doesn’t bring anger but rather healing. I hope you all enjoy this cover and let me know what other covers you’d like me to do!

God Bless!