Getting Gig Ready Series Part 2: Tips


Getting Gig Ready Series Part 2: Tips

In this part I will be giving you some tips getting ready for your gig!

Make sure you have all your gear!
Make a list out of all the gear that you need. This will help you keep track and not forget anything.

*Here is a sample list that you could take:
Extra gear:list the extra gear you need

Pack back up gear for your gig just to make sure that you are fully prepared for your gig.

*Backup is key!

If you have a guitar or other stringed instrument and you will be traveling a long distance with the instrument in the car or plane make sure to destring.

*Make sure the temperature of any gear and instruments that you are taking is properly maintained.

Make sure that any gear or instruments you have are also in their respected cases as well.

*You do not want any damage to come to your items for any reason!


Getting Gig Ready Series Part 1: Gear for your Gig!

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Getting Gig Ready Part 1: Gear for your Gig!
-Guitar (2)
– Amplifier
– Effects Pedals
– Cables
– Portable screw driver set
– Pens
– Business Cards
-GHS Fast Fret String Cleaner
-Extra Strings
-9 Volt Battery

These are just a few things that you should have with you when performing a gig. Obviously depending on your instrument, type of venue, how many people are going to use the gear, etc.
In the comments, let me know what gear you take with you on your gig or anything I may have missed.
Thank you!

Getting Gig Ready Series!


This is a 4 part series about Getting Gig Ready!

In the first part I will be talking about what gear you may need for your gear, in the second video I will tell you about different tips for getting ready for your gig, in the third video I give you some of my tips about overcoming nervousness and finally in the fourth part I will show the night before and day of the gig.

I hope you stay tuned to all 4 parts and please let me know in the comments your thoughts!

Thank you and God Bless!

Follow your dreams!

We all have them, want them and even need them. I’m talking about dreams! We have desires and passions in our lives that we want to come into fruition.

Maybe you want to move to a different state away from your family or perhaps you want to become a doctor. Well there are many reasons and passions that drive us to succeed more.

But there could be people and/or things that hinder or get in the way of that.

We have all experienced the kind words of our parents saying well your good at that but you should really go to college and have that be a hobby.

I have experienced that being a musician.

But now as I have practiced, played out and shown my family that music is truly the driving force and passion in my life.

Never let anybody in your life dictate your happiness. We all desires and passions in our life that bring us joy and happiness. But of course you have an unhealthy addiction that you consider your passion you need to take that into consideration

Please check out my YouTube video on following your dreams.

 Follow Your Dreams!VZM.IMG_20150908_180930